Art trends

Art and environment: the emergence of an ecological art

The artist is a citizen like any other, of course, he is a bearer of a personal discourse, but he is an integral part of society. The artists have always expressed themselves in favor of the protection of the planet….

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Art trend: Street art still on the rise

Street art attracts young talents who want to make a name for themselves in the art industry. The big names in urban art are also making a considerable effort to promote this artistic trend. How is street art evolving in…

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2021 Art trend: towards more virtual exhibitions

To face the different restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, cultural centers are closed. Museums are victims of the containment so that art lovers are deprived of them. To recover from it, many museums have tried a new approach to…

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Contemporary art… but in fact, when did it start and what is it?

More and more visual artists claim to be contemporary artists. Contemporary art, which globally designates the artistic works produced since 1945, encompasses a multitude of disciplines ranging from plastic arts to visual arts: photography, installations, painting, sculpture and many others….

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Focus on Helen Anne Molesworth: American contemporary art curator

Today, women are no longer mere muses or models for the great painters and sculptors. Indeed, the art world today is full of women artists, gallerists, curators and critics, not to mention art collectors and directors of major museum institutions….

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