Art Restoration

How to restore an ivory sculpture?

Anyone who owns an ivory sculpture knows that this material is to be cherished. Just like wood, it can encounter constraints if the climatic conditions are not optimal. Often it is elephant ivory that is used the most. But despite…

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The means of restoration of an old painting

Nowadays, young people are hardly interested in the field of fine arts, their thoughts are too much caught up in the high-tech world. However, fine arts, such as painting on canvas, contain a lot of history and interesting things, especially…

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All about gold leaf gilding

Gold remains a very precious material that marks wealth. The gold effect is very popular to decorate or renovate a room. The use of gold leaf gilding allows you to guarantee your decoration and follow the current trend. But how…

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The advantages of using 3D scanning for art restoration

Artworks are assets of incomparable beauty. They are recognized as authentic and represent a history worth preserving for thousands of years. Moreover, as time passes, its value increases. In this case, restoring works of art is essential to preserve their…

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Why restore a work of art?

Paintings and works of art deteriorate over time, which is why it is necessary to restore them. Indeed, over time, this work of art withers and in order to be able to preserve them, some touches of repair and maintenance…

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Restoration of works of art: today’s modern techniques

Over time, the work will change, lose its luster, its originality, and sometimes even show marks that display the passage of time. When it’s time for restoration, the question arises: what did this work look like years ago? To answer…

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