The means of restoration of an old painting

Nowadays, young people are hardly interested in the field of fine arts, their thoughts are too much caught up in the high-tech world. However, fine arts, such as painting on canvas, contain a lot of history and interesting things, especially the older ones. But what is a painting on canvas first?

What is a painting on canvas?

In the field of fine arts, painting on canvas is one of the most popular. As the name suggests, a canvas is used as a support for the painting. Indeed, a canvas is made of cotton or linen, but, for the old painting, the linen is more appreciated by the painters, because, it absorbs it better. However, linen is more fragile. Therefore, at present, to restore a painting on canvas made of linen, it is necessary to call upon fine art restoration professionals.

The different types of painting on canvas

In this field, there are two types, which are: oil paint and acrylic paint. In particular, oil paint is specially made for linen canvas, because, linen absorbs oil better. But in modern times, with the invention of acrylic paint, painters have begun to use a cotton canvas that is more resistant to the composition of this type of paint.

Restoration of painting on canvas

To restore a painting on canvas, there are two options you can choose, either you entrust it to a professional or you give it back life yourself. Indeed, if the painting is very precious to you, don't take the risk of reviving it yourself, instead put it in the hands of a fine art restoration professional. But if you decide to clean the painting on your own, try these tips: first, to clean the painting properly, you need to dust it with a brush or a hair dryer, but you have to be very careful with the use of these tools, because a painting on canvas is fragile. Next, you can gently dab the painting with a cloth slightly dampened with water and liquid soap, then immediately dab it lightly with a dry, absorbent cloth, so that the moisture does not remain on the canvas for too long. Finally, some people also use the magic sponge, with an abrasive effect, it removes the stains on the painting. So, delicacy is paramount, when you give life to your old painting.

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