How to estimate the value of a vase?

Sometimes, some things you've inherited or acquired along the way do nothing more than collect dust. However, that dusty old vase at home could be making you money. But, most people don't know how to value antiques. In some ways, it can seem a bit arbitrary. That said, there are a few resources you can check to get an idea of the value of the vase.

Search online for the value of your pottery

Ideally, you'll probably want to search for other vases online that are as similar as possible to the one you have at home. Online databases and price guides should help you find similar items and get a rough idea of the vase's value. Online values can vary based on a wide variety of factors, so it's important that you collect information on a large number of sales and averages to get an accurate estimated number. The number you get will by no means be accurate, but it should at least be a rough estimate of your vase's value. If you want to sell or value your vase, please contact Mr Expert. This lack of knowledge prevents people from taking advantage of this value and selling their assets at the right price. Valuing antiques can be an uncertain and difficult business. 

Get an online assessment

Since fakes can be difficult to distinguish to the inexperienced eye, the surest way to know if your vase is a genuine antique is to take it to a qualified antique expert. Only work with antique dealers who have an absolutely stellar reputation. Some professional online antique dealers may be willing to offer you a low cost quote for your item. You can also take your vase to a reputable antique dealer. You can then use this note to sell your antique vase.

Selling your antique vase

The number one rule of sales is not to accept a notice from the person you intend to sell to. If you are considering selling your antiques through a dealer, do your best to build trust. Ask your friends and family who they have worked with and what their experiences are.

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